Scar removal

Scars can occur for a variety of reasons. Whether you have a scar from surgery, injury, or acne, Dr. Roberts can help. She offers treatments that can make scarring less noticeable or have its appearance changed completely. Unfortunately, in many cases we can’t prevent scarring, however we can treat it. Dr. Roberts takes an individual approach to treating each scar, because every person’s scar is different. It is very dependent upon the patient’s skin type, the size of the scar, and how long it has been there. Using a variety of treatments, such as surgical incisions, lasers, and injections, Dr. Roberts can consult with her patient to customize a treatment plan. Dr. Roberts also works within the patient’s budge to help get the scar as non-noticeable as possible.

There are several types of scars that can be removed or reduced with surgery or lasers. Traumatic scars, scars from prior surgeries such as face lift, Keloid scars, hypertrophic scars, contracture scars, and acne scars are all types of scars that can be addressed by Dr. Roberts.

Scars are caused by a multitude of factors. There is no one single treatment for scars. Dr. Roberts, with her decades of experience helping 1000s of patients, is able to use the set of treatments that is right for you.

Scars can be anywhere on the body, and can cause an individual to feel very self-conscious. Dr. Roberts can work with patients to determine the best plan of action to reduce the appearance of scars, getting back the skin’s natural beauty in an affordable, effective way. If you have a scar that has been bothersome to you, call Dr. Roberts today to schedule a consultation and examination. Get started renewing your skin’s original beauty.