Skin Cancer

Mohs Surgery to Address Skin Cancer

Mohs surgery is the most effective procedure used to remove skin cancers, the most common of which are squamous cell carcinomas and basal cell carcinomas. In fact, the Skin Cancer Foundation reports cure rates of 98 percent or greater. Dr. Roberts is at the forefront of diagnosing and treating skin cancer.

The key to Mohs surgery is that the excised tissue is examined, by the surgeon under the microscope during the surgery as opposed to other methods which occur after surgery. This critical procedural difference eliminates the need to over-estimate how deep the skin cancer goes. Instead it allows for small, thin layers to be removed and studied under a microscope to evaluate if cancer cells are present. Once a layer is reached where the margins of the tissue are cancer-free, the surgery is complete. It eliminates any guesswork in the skin cancer removal process, which generates unparalleled therapeutic results for each patient.

Further, by saving almost all normal, non-cancerous tissue during the process, repairing the area with facial plastic reconstruction produces far better results. Dr. Roberts is an expert in skin cancer removal and provides the highest quality cosmetic results.

Mohs surgery is most commonly used for basal and squamous cell carcinomas but is the preferred method for several other types of skin cancers. The procedure is usually used:

  • When a tissue-sparing procedure is needed to maintain healthy tissue for both aesthetic and functional purposes near the eyelids, ears, fingers, nose, lips, toes, and genitals.
  • To remove large tumors, skin lesion with irregular borders or skin cancer on the face
  • When cancers have recurred or are at high risk for recurring
  • When cancer presents in an area with scar tissue
  • When cancer is growing very quickly and uncontrollably

As a member of WDS in 2004 Dr. Roberts founded a national outreach skin cancer screening program. Dr. Roberts is passionate about delivering outstanding results with this procedure. Her skill in removing tumors and providing a cosmetically oriented reconstruction will exceed your expectations. To schedule a pre-operative consultation with Dr. Roberts please contact us at 760-346-4262.

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