Fractional Laser

Fractional laser resurfacing is a wonderful procedure for all types of patients. Patients of all ages, and genders can benefit from laser resurfacing. This technology is what we have been waiting for all these years. Previous laser resurfacing devices left patients’ skin red, dry, and peeling, which resulted in longer downtime. However, the new technology used for fractional laser resurfacing is one that has much less downtime and gives fantastic results.

Laser resurfacing accomplishes several things.

  • It works on the skin’s texture, making it feel smoother and more supple.
  • It works on fine lines and get rid of any wrinkles that are starting to develop.
  • It works on sunspots and brown spots that may have accumulated over time.
  • It can tighten your skin.
  • It decreases the size of the pores on your face making your skin appear air brushed.
  • It can decrease the appearance of veins.

Depending upon the final results a patient is hoping to achieve, Dr. Roberts will likely be able to improve their skin’s health with a fractional laser resurfacing treatment.

Neck, Chest, Arms, Hands, Legs and Back

The beautiful part about the fractional laser is that it can be used on areas other than your face. Fractional laser resurfacing can be done on a patient’s neck, chest, arms, hands, legs, and back. Depending on the issues the patient is trying to address, the patient can discuss their concerns and desires with Dr. Roberts to determine if fractional laser resurfacing can benefit their skin’s overall appearance.

Fractional laser resurfacing is a wonderful treatment that can offer a number of advantages to patients, and can help restore the skin’s health and appearance by naturally rejuvenating the skin. If you are considering addressing skin concerns with a technological treatment such as this, call Dr. Roberts today to schedule a consultation to find out if fractional laser resurfacing can help improve your skin!